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Inside an Austin Clothing Boutique Where Fashion Rules


Shopping at a boutique might burn a hole in our pocket but brings a whole lot of joy to our hearts. And while online shopping has become ever so popular, there’s nothing quite like the the personal experience that local, brick and mortar stores provide.

Our new favorite? Adelante in Austin, TX. This girly-girl boutique has been in business for 10 years and to celebrate that, owner Tricia decided it was time for a makeover. Laurel & Wolf interior designer Claire Zinnecker perfectly incorporated blush tones and marble print wallpaper into the space to reflect the edgy-feminine clothing the boutique sells.

The first project Claire wanted to tackle were the floors. “Step one was to put in those new concrete floors, so I suggested to Tricia (the store owner) that we experiment with brass inlay. I had the brass cut locally and spent way too many hours moving them around because I wanted there to be an obvious statement when you walk in. The concrete guys thought I was crazy!” says Claire.

But this was exactly the type of project that drew Claire to this project in the first place. “I love commercial spaces because I think you can be a bit bolder and more experimental than you would in a residential space. I personally love touching the surface of things to help create that canvas,” says Claire.

Claire and Tricia both agreed that the space needed to be simple enough so that the clothing could do most of the talking. “When you walk in your eye should rest somewhere, rather than be bombarded,” says the designer.

Each and every element was carefully thought out so that it enhanced the clothes, not overshadowed them. According to Claire, “The last time Tricia did a remodel, it was a lot of paisley and floral prints, but this time, she wanted to simplify the rest of the patterns to let the clothes stand out.”

Claire designed her own fixtures, which helped her keep the space organized and not cluttered. From custom t-stands and adjustable shelves, she created a shop that could be easily changed around and one that Tricia could grow into. “A lot of the challenge was designing fixtures that showcase the pieces without making you see a sea of clothes. My goal in any custom fixture is that it should be used in more than one way,” says the designer.

What do customers think of Adelante’s beautiful transformation? “They love it! With the added windows, concrete floor, and fresher paint, everyone thinks that we added onto the space. They’re even hosting blogging conferences there because they saw it on social media!” gushes Claire.

This article originally appeared on Photos by Molly Winter Photography.

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